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“I’m here to support John Perez. Solid Conservative. Love his stance on the issues. Obviously he has political experience on the local school board, and I’m really excited about his candidacy.” 

-Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

john perez for Texas hd 133 State Rep

Conservative Champion, Fighting For Texas

Engineer, Leader, Advocate

John Perez, a licensed professional engineer and seasoned community leader, is primed to advance conservative values and prosperity in Texas House District 133.

True Texan, True Leader

A proud Texan with a small-town upbringing and a global perspective, John Perez embodies the spirit of Texas, advocating fiercely for individual liberty and community progress.

Dedicated to True Conservatism

John's unwavering commitment to conservative principles sets him apart as the genuine choice for the people of HD133, where middle-of-the-aisle politics have no place.

Bringing Hope, Pride, and Grit to HD133

John Perez's clear vision for HD133 centers on revitalizing Texas, upholding conservative values, and leading the charge for prosperity and integrity in the Lone Star State.

About The Candidate

Meet John Perez

John Perez, a licensed professional engineer and longtime community leader, is fully equipped with the necessary tools to bring success to the conservative movement in Texas House of Representatives District 133. Standing up, pushing back, and holding the line for our nation’s founding principles, John runs as the only authentic conservative option in this crucial election.

Unlike his opponent, John is steadfast in the defense of conservative ideals and virtues that the people of HD133 desire. Middle-of-the-aisle politics have no place in HD133, and John will be the advocate that conservative constituents have been without. His track record, both professionally and personally, aligns with his dedication to further the conservative cause.

Growing up in Carrizo Springs, Texas, John holds small-town America near and dear to his heart, advocating for the importance of individual liberty. After living overseas during his formative years, he eagerly returned to Texas to earn his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and MBA from Rice University, the same university where he spends time as an adjunct lecturer.

John comes into this race with a clear vision for the district, one that revolves around advancing policies that restore Texas hope, Texas pride, and Texas grit. The ineffective approach seen thus far representing HD133 simply will not suffice for constituents who desire a true conservative leader of substance, conviction, and action. John will be just that, ensuring that Texas remains a stronghold of conservative integrity.

Having lived in the district for over 20 years, John is the ideal candidate to champion impactful conservative legislation in the Texas House of Representatives. With a strong foundation in business and entrepreneurship, John has the tenacity and courage necessary to bring growth, prosperity, and true stewardship to District 133.

“I am focused on energizing a grassroots conservative movement to ensure True Texas Red returns to the House to elect a legitimate conservative as Speaker,” Perez told Texas Scorecard. “And I look forward to the day when HD133 is represented by someone who is only beholden to his constituency.”

-John Perez

Proudly Serving His Community

John has dedicated his time to various non-profit causes including the following:

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The Issues

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I passionately believe that education is the cornerstone of our society and the pathway to opportunity for our children – no matter their origin story. Universal school choice and quality public education are not mutually exclusive; we can achieve both by reallocating resources in a manner that supports public education while also creating a competitive landscape that encourages educational innovation. I am a strong advocate for universal school choice—empowering parents to choose the educational environment that best suits their child’s unique needs – while ensuring that our public schools are adequately funded so that students who remain in the public system receive a high-quality education. As a true conservative, I believe that a free market approach to education will best serve all Texans.

Texas First Border Policy

I am committed to ensuring the security and integrity of our great state. In addition to preventing illegal immigration, this fight is about combating the dark networks of human trafficking and drug smuggling that victimize innocent people and poison our communities. A secure border is the first step towards comprehensive and meaningful immigration reform and is a matter of public safety, human dignity, and law enforcement effectiveness. As your State Representative, I will be unwavering in my commitment to address these interconnected challenges comprehensively.

Children's Health & Safety

One of my top priorities is to protect the well-being of our children. Given that minors are not legally capable of making life-altering medical decisions on their own, I support legislation that would prohibit transgender care, such as hormone therapy or surgical interventions, for individuals under the age of 18. I understand that this is a deeply sensitive and divisive issue; however, I believe that the role of the government is to enact policies that protect our most vulnerable populations. Medical decisions of this magnitude should be deferred until an individual reaches an age where they can fully understand and accept the lifelong implications.

Traditional Values

Fiscal responsibility, limited government, and freedom are principles that have led Texas to success and prosperity since its inception. I am staunchly committed to asking the tough questions about whether our resources are being used efficiently and effectively. I will tirelessly work to cut wasteful spending, eliminate redundant bureaucracy, and promote policies that unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Texans rather than stifle it. We can provide essential public services and maintain a safety net for those in need without ballooning the size and influence of government. If elected, I vow to be a vigilant steward of your hard-earned money and a relentless advocate for a leaner, more efficient government that empowers Texans to thrive.

Conservative Leadership

I am determined to confront and remove establishment politicians who dilute our efforts and compromise our principles. I believe it is time to reconsider the practice of assigning Democrats as chairs to key committees in the Texas House. As your representative, I will work diligently to ensure that committee leadership is in line with the vision that Texans have clearly expressed at the ballot box so that we can enact meaningful legislation that stands true to our core beliefs.

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